Surrealism in North Africa and Western Asia

Crossings and Encounters

Monique Bellan et Julia Drost (éd.)

Langue de la publication: Français et Anglais




This volume discusses surrealism in literature and art in Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey between the 1930s and the 1980s. Surrealism emerged as a movement in art and literature in Europe in the 1920s and quickly spread across the globe. It only led to a few movements or official groups in the regions discussed here and was mainly received in poetry rather than in the arts. However, surrealism played a role, albeit a more discrete and individualistic one. The volume aims at drawing a clearer picture of the sporadic resonance of surrealism in Western Asia and North Africa, thereby contributing the history of both transmodernism and surrealism. Methodologically, it seeks to explore connections, encounters, and exchanges on individual, institutional, and spiritual levels. By presenting and analyzing new sources, they open up new historical, cultural and artistic contexts and add to our knowledge of surrealism as an international – both global and local – phenomenon. A new look at global surrealism needs to consider these micro-level manifestations when addressing questions such as when, where, and what surrealism was. The answer might reveal that surrealisms were far more widespread than presumed until now.


Beirut / Baden-Baden
ISBN 978-3-95650-858-5 (Print) / 978-3-95650-859-2 (ePDF)
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