Passages online Band 26

Transmission and Gender

Women Artists as Teachers in the XXth Century

Deborah Laks und Natalia Sassu Suarez Ferri (Hg.)

Sprache der Publikation: Französisch und Englisch




While the field of art education is slowly but surely feminizing, the specificity of women’s trajectories and their effects on transmission and creation are at the crossroads of several fields and open up a plurality of questions. What does a woman’s career look like, how are institutions modified by the arrival of women? How are hierarchies rethought, is the field of reference of students evolving, what do the new methods developed allow? The articles gathered in this volume highlight individual trajectories and broader debates taking place in art schools, all tracing the evolutions that the teaching by women artists reveals, prepares or accomplishes in the field of contemporary creation. 

With contributions by Marijke Appelman, Hana Chebbi, Aline Derderian, Ariel Dougherty, Laurie Gangarossa, Talia Kwartler, Déborah Laks, Adélie Le Guen, Laura Leuzzi, Alexandra Panzert and Natalia Sassu Suarez Ferri

ISBN 978-3-98501-155-1 (PDF) / 978-3-98501-156-8 (Hardcover)
134 pages, 33 illustrations, PDF / Print-on-Demand

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