Annual theme 16/17

Art in France in a Transcultural Context

As its annual theme for 2016/17, the German Forum for Art History Paris has chosen the connections between art in France and that of other world regions. France has always been a crossroads of different cultures. The country’s relationships with its neighboring countries, particularly Italy, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, will be examined from an art historical perspective. At the heart of the annual theme, however, is France’s interactions with regions in other parts of the world, in particular Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Although the exchange in which art in France has been involved cannot be considered without taking into account the politics French colonial empire—which, beginning in the sixteenth century, pursued the goal of establishing the country as a world power with varying degrees of success—the annual theme is specifically not aimed at limiting itself to projects confined to the French colonial empire. Similarly, looking beyond Paris is also encouraged so that locations of transregional encounters outside of the “capital of the nineteenth century” are also taken into account. The temporal focus is on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The annual theme is under the direction of Thomas Kirchner (director of the German Center for Art History Paris) and Elvan Zabunyan (Université Rennes 2).


Scholarship recipients and their research topics:

  • Emilie Goudal, docteure : D’une France à l’Autre : les collections d’art françaises repères/Repair des relations Algérie-France ?
  • Hanna Holtz, doctorante : Sammeln – Austellen – Publizieren. Außereuropäische Objekte im Dialog von Surrealismus und Ethnologie in der Zwischenkriegszeit in Paris
  • Laura Karp-Lugo, docteure : L’art latino-américain à l’épreuve de la réception française (1855-1937)
  • Judith Rottenburg, doctorante : Die Verhandlung von Négritude, »Hybridität« und Universalismen in den 1950er Jahren: Papa Ibra Tall, Iba N’Diaye und Christian Lattier als Wegbereiter einer postkolonialen Kunst Afrikas in Paris
  • David Sadighian, doctorant : Global Paris: Beaux-Arts Design and Networks of Internationalism between Imperial France and the Pan-American World, 1867-1932
  • Nicolas Schaub, docteur : L’illusion d’un territoire. La Société coloniale des artistes français et l’Afrique du Nord entre 1907 et 1935
  • Marine Schütz, docteure : Postcolonial pop ? Inflexions globales dans la Figuration narrative (1960-1977)
  • Devika Singh, docteure : Les artistes indiens en France des années 1920 à 1970. Mobilités, appropriations et espace universel
  • Annabela Tournon, doctorante : Pour une histoire connectée des conceptualismes en France









The publication that brings together the sum of the reflections and discussions held in the scope of the annual theme 2016/17 was published in 2023 in open access on (coll. Passages Online, vol. 8).