Christina-Marie Lümen

Christina-Marie Lümen, M.A.

Research Assistant


Christina-Marie Lümen studied Art & Visual History and Philosophy at the Humboldt University in Berlin and at Goldsmiths College, London. She wrote her master's thesis on the concept of immersion as an aisthethic concept for the reception of painting.

Before and during her studies, Christina-Marie completed internships at the Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection/Museum Berggruen, Berlin; the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice; and the German Forum for Art History, Paris. She has also worked as a gallery assistant in contemporary galleries in London and Berlin, most recently with Esther Schipper, Berlin. She has been writing about contemporary art as a freelance writer since 2019 and publishing on her own website since 2020.


DAAD scholarship for internships abroad

Research focus

  • Art theory, social and perception theory focus
  • Forms of Digital Art and Image Culture
  • The connection of contemporary art with art historical objects and practices



Christina-Marie Lümen , M.A.