Kris Racaniello

Kristen Racaniello, M.A.

Graduate Center, CUNY (january - march 2023)

PhD project: Elusive Materials: Muslims, Metal, and Shrine Concepteurs of the Long Twelfth Century


Kris Racaniello is a medievalist, curator, and educator. They received the MPhil (2021) with a major in Romanesque and Gothic Art and a minor in Islamic Architecture from 1750 to the present, as well as an MA in art history from Hunter College (2017) and a dual BA/BFA in art history and fine arts from SUNY Purchase (2014).
Currently, Kris Racaniello is a PhD candidate studying medieval art history with Dr. Cynthia Hahn at the Graduate Center, CUNY.  Racaniello has taught Medieval art courses well as special topic art history courses. They have been a partner at Field Projects gallery since 2016 and the New York Gallery Manager and an academic researcher for Les Enluminures from 2016-2022.


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Research focus

The focus of Racaniello’s dissertation research centers on the marketing of Romanesque shrines in France and Spain through the mobilization of material narrative imaginaries. These are explored through the examination of pivotal shrine “concepteurs’” projects. In addition, Racaniello is participating in the project funded by the MSCA-Rise – European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme “Conques in the Global World.”

In context of the Conques programme they will stay in Paris from January to April 2023 as a DFK Paris fellow for research work.


Portrait of Kris Racaniello

Kristen Racaniello , M.A.