Discussing the Seven Seas of DH – A Global Fishbowl


Discussing the Seven Seas of DH – A Global Fishbowl

Organized by the Working Group Digital Humanities of the Max Weber Foundation

September 17, 2021: 6 AM (PST), 9 AM (EST), 3 PM (CET)
Online Event on Zoom: https://bit.ly/36N7dfO

Why a Global Fishbowl?
Contact zones according to Mary Louise Pratt are social spaces, where cultures meet, communicate with one another and negotiate shared stories, often in contexts of highly asymmetrical relations of power. This concept of producing and sharing knowledge can also be transferred to the academic landscape. We would like to apply this concept to the digital humanities to discuss the following questions: What distinguishes the digital humanities, for example, in Germany, Russia, the Lebanon or the United States? Are there any regional peculiarities about infrastructures or topics? And what challenges, but also opportunities for digital humanities, arise in these different contact zones?
In order to discuss digital humanities from a global perspective, this event will bring together Experts from different countries and positions to share their experiences. This event is part of vDHd2021. Since this virtual conference series focuses on EXPERIMENTS, as a format, we are not choosing a “normal” panel discussion, but a virtual fishbowl. The advantage of a fishbowl is that it actively allows the entire audience to participate in a conversation with our Experts.

Person in charge

Dr. Anne Klammt

Dr. Anne Klammt

Research Director / Head of Digital Humanities
Phone +33 (0)1 42 60 89 50

Research Fields

Digital Art History