Quartier Richelieu

Quartier Richelieu

The “Quartier Richelieu” research project has brought together the German Center for Art History (DFK Paris), the French National Institute for Art History (INHA), the National Library of France (BNF), the École Nationale des Chartes, and the André Chastel Center in order to explore the area between the Louvre Museum, the Garnier Opera, and the Place des Victoires in Paris. These five institutions, which are all located within this perimeter, aim to shed light, through the project, on the complexity of this unique neighborhood. The technical aspects of the undertaking are based on Venice Time Machine EU, a digital humanities project that traces the city’s history by linking its places, heritage, and archives in unprecedented ways.

Image: Jacques Gomboust, Lutetia, Paris 1652, Paris BnF (détail) ©BnF

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Scientific advisory board

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kirchner

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kirchner

Former Director of the DFK Paris (2014-2022)
Phone +33 (0)1 42 60 67 82


Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris (INHA)
Jacques Gomboust, Lutetia, Paris, 1652, Paris BnF (détail) ©BnF