Matthias Krüger: “The Palette and its Role in the Development of Modern Art”


Matthias Krüger: “The Palette and its Role in the Development of Modern Art”

Talking about the "palette" of Delacroix or Cézanne is normally metaphorical, that is to say in the context of their preferred colour scheme. This paper, however, will focus on the tool itself, the palette upon which the artist traditionally lays and mixes colours

The palettes of famous artists had become important collector's pieces by the late 19th century. Many of them were decorated with a picture. Today, these palettes can provide us with information about the colour theoretical convictions and the painting practice of their previous owners. The author has considered previously little studied evidence to venture the thesis that the palette played a crucial role in the emancipation of colour often celebrated as one of the major achievements of modern art. Here, on the artist's tool, colour achieved autonomy long before it would gain the same degree of freedom on the canvas.


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Dr. Matthias Krüger

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (october – november 2020) / research project : Die Palette als Utensil, Experimentierfeld und künstlerisches Manifest

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